This Sunday: The 5th Annual NW Biodiesel Forum at Seattle Center

Propel will have a booth along with our partners and friends. Free admission!


5th Annual NW Biodiesel Forum Spotlights Renewable Fuel Revolution

The urgency of motivating the average person to choose more green transportation, heating, and energy solutions will be the focus of the free 5th Annual NW Biodiesel Forum on Sunday, May 6th from 10 AM to 5 PM at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.

Sponsored by the NW Biodiesel Network, this year’s Forum offers four expert panel presentations organized in partnership with the region’s prominent environmental advocacy groups, including Climate Solutions, Earth Ministry, Sierra Club, Transportation Choices Coalition, Washington Environmental Council, and Yes! Magazine. The day-long forum also features interactive demonstrations, Q&A sessions, kids activities, and a “Passport to Sustainability” to encourage participation in a wide range of green living events throughout the year.

“Everyone from Al Gore to George W. Bush is talking about peak oil, global warming, and the need to use renewable energy instead of burning fossil-fuels that pollute the air,” says Aaron Kahn, founder of the NW Biodiesel Network. “Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is one solution to this huge problem. The Northwest leads the nation in personal use of biodiesel. Soon the largest refinery in the country will be completed in Hoquiam, WA. There’s a real revolution afoot, and people want to know how to sign up,” stated Kahn.

For over five years, Northwest businesses, community-based organizations, progressive politicians, educational institutions, and consumers have worked together to increase the use and availability of biodiesel, a renewable, homegrown and produced fuel made from virgin plant-derived oils or recycled restaurant grease.

The NW Biodiesel Network offers the Annual Forum to educate and inform the public about biodiesel’s cleaner-burning effects, increasing availability, and economic development potential as an emerging clean technology industry in the region. This year’s Forum also offers information about other emerging “cleaner” transportation options including Sound Transit regional updates; Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs); and the use of Ethanol, Hydrogen, Compressed Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas.

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One response to “This Sunday: The 5th Annual NW Biodiesel Forum at Seattle Center

  1. It was great to see you guys at the Forum. I liked the customer-friendly approach to market research and building a potential customer list. We need a reliable source of biodiesel in south Seattle, so it was great to be able to vote for Columbia City. Come on down and save us time in getting our biodiesel.

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