Propel South Lake Union – Local and Sustainable

Offering clean fuels to Washington state’s busiest economic center, Propel is launching downtown Seattle’s first renewable fuel station, scheduled to open June 28th. The 9,000-square-foot location conveniently resides on the I5 Mercer Exit corridor, one block north of Mercer Ave, on Westlake and Valley, in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.  The site is easy access with turn lanes from all directions.

Uniquely Seattle, the site was conceived, developed and built with homegrown talent. Unlike similar sites in other states, Propel received no direct or indirect financial incentives from Seattle, King County or Washington State. For more information about Propel’s commitment to local economic growth, from farm to fuel tank, please visit our website:

Propel’s South Lake Union station is environmentally sensitive in design, construction and operation.

1. Canopy and Cistern

The station’s canopy is designed to conserve water and reduce storm runoff into Lake Union. Rainwater is collected in a cistern neatly integrated into the canopy’s western column. This cistern provides a water source for foliage, while irrigating the feedstock planters with excess water via an underground pipe. In addition, the station’s canopy was constructed utilizing aluminum composite derived from 95% recycled materials. The canopy is also equipped with energy conserving LED lights with photocells that provide illumination only as needed.

2. Landscape Green Roof Technology

The station’s garden landscape uses resource-conserving green roof technology to collect excess water from the canopy and cistern. Constructed with 100% recycled materials, the system actively stores water irrigating the landscape as needed and reducing dependence on the city’s water supply. Collecting and filtering water with green roof technology helps prevent the spread of pollution into Seattle’s groundwater and into Lake Union. The resulting runoff is clean filtered water.

3. Feedstock Planters

These unique feedstock planters grow plants used in the domestic production of biodiesel. The clean fuel is derived from renewable resources like camelina, sunflower, soy and canola, examples of which can be found in the planters. Biodiesel is also produced from waste products including recycled restaurant grease and animal fats. Biodiesel is refined to be used any diesel vehicle with no conversion necessary.

4. Clean Fuel

Two 5,000 gallon above ground tanks are constructed with industry leading safety and environmental standards. To guarantee a safe fueling environment the tanks are impact and ballistics proof, with advanced break away shut-off & emergency shut-off.

7 responses to “Propel South Lake Union – Local and Sustainable

  1. Are those going to be the opening prices? :)

  2. Propel’s goal is to meet or beat petroleum prices. Unlike other biodiesel retailers in the area, Propel sells locally produced and grown biodiesel that meets or exceeds our strict quality standards.

  3. Several years ago, I had this basic idea about a “whole gas” station. Part of this idea was to carry healthy and sustainable snacks. I hope you will be stocking this station with some locally dried produce (maybe even fresh when appropriate), and mighty O donuts, etc versus the standard junk food in all other gas stations.

    otherwise, the design looks great.

  4. What is going to be the canopy clearance or do I see another pump without a canopy next to the tanks when I drive by? I drive a diesel truck with a height of 13’6″.

  5. The main canopy has a clearance of 15ft. But in the rear of the station is a commercial fueling area with no canopy, and high flow hoses dispensing both B5 and B20. The commercial fueling terminal takes all credit cards and fleet cards (as do all propel sites in the region).

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  7. Who is constructing the canopy? I would love to get more information on this design. Thanks.

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