Study confirms Biodiesel’s performance benefits

lumkesA recent study conducted by John Lumkes of Purdue University confirms what many already know about biodiesel, it performs flawlessly. The study shows that there is zero difference in performance and durability for semitrailer trucks using B20, an industry standard blend of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel.
“In terms of performance, reliability and maintenance costs, it was basically a wash,” said John Lumkes, the assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering who led the study. “The only differences are environmental and economic.”

The yearlong study compared two 10-vehicle truck fleets, one using the ultra-low sulfur fuel, and the other B20. The fleets had the same engines, similar miles, and drove nearly the same number of miles over the duration of the study.  The study was released in the journal Applied Engineering in Agriculture.


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