US Biodiesel Industry Launches National Ad Campaign

Last month, the National Biodiesel Board announced that the US biodiesel industry would be launching its largest-ever public outreach effort in the form of a paid advertising campaign spanning television, radio, print media and the web.

“This is not some pipedream. Biodiesel today is fueling long-haul trucks from Florida to California, municipal buses in Texas, Ford pickups in Detroit and Volkswagens in New York City,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe.

Here at Propel, we’re especially excited about the fun, 30-second biodiesel tv spot (above), which communicates the social and environmental benefits of “America’s Advanced Biofuel” and the ease of adoption “in your city.”

Help put this first-of-it’s-kind campaign to work by sharing this spot with your social network, and join the movement to renewable fuel by finding and filling with quality-certified biodiesel at a Propel Fuels location near you.

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