A breath of fresh air: Propel launches Clean Mobility Center in Fullerton, CA

Last week, Propel Fuels hosted the grand opening of the first-of-its-kind Clean Mobility Center in Fullerton, CA. While America’s driving habits are evolving, gas stations have not substantially changed since the early 1900’s–until now. The innovative Clean Mobility Center redefines your average fueling experience with several key station features:

  • Renewable (Flex Fuel E85 and biodiesel) and conventional fuel choices
  • Carbon Offset options for fuel purchases
  • Free air for tires for better MPGs
  • Free self-serve air and tools for bikes
  • Recycling at the pump

For the grand opening event, Propel hosted some of California’s most illustrious clean energy leaders, including Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board, and Commissioner Andrew McAllister from the California Energy Commission. Moreover, the event attracted representatives from the state and regional government as well as Fullerton Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, Theresa Harvey.  The Fullerton community welcomed Propel in grand style with an official ribbon cutting ceremony–we are grateful for such a warm welcome!

Check out pictures from the grand opening festivities:

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One response to “A breath of fresh air: Propel launches Clean Mobility Center in Fullerton, CA

  1. Can’t wait for more E85 stations in Orange County. Went here today for the first time ever. Amazingly this was the first time I’ve ever been able to get a full tank of gas without running my card twice. I have a Ford F-150 with a 30 gallon plus tank. Being able to get fuel at $3.19 a gallon and trying to do my part saving the environment really felt good. Plus saving some cash was a big plus. Let’s get more stations in OC!

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