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Volkswagen puts diesel in the hybrid mix

Volkswagen recently revieled the XL1 Prototype, a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid with a mind-blowing 261 miles per gallon fuel economy.

The vehicle’s extreme efficiency is achieved using light weight parts, including a small two-cylinder diesel and electric plug-in engine. While VW will only be producing the XL1 for a very limited run, there are reports the manufacturer is working on a producing a slightly bigger, more conventional hybrid, the Up mini-car, which could achieve 95 miles per gallon.

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BMW diesel Super Bowl ad. Fueling ch-ch-change.

Volvo to deliver diesel hybrid plug-in for 2012.

Volvo’s plans are still on track to release a Plug-In Diesel Hybrid in 2012. The hybrid will be based on the V60 wagon and is estimated cut CO2 emission in half when compared to emissions of the popular Toyota Prius.

The lithium-ion battery will charge from a household outlet in about five hours with a range of 30 miles and will also feature regenerative braking for added charging. After the electric-range is reached, the diesel engine takes over.

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Waste fats into renewable Dynamic Fuels

In Geismar, LA, Dynamic Fuels’ production facility is converting non-food grade tallow and other animal fats into ASTM-certified renewable diesel fuel.

The production facility, a joint venture of Syntroleum Corporation and Tyson Foods, Inc., began processing fuel in early October and is currently producing 2,500 barrels a day.

Dynamic’s diesel fuel is made from renewable sources, reducing carbon emissions by  75%. What’s more, the performance specifications outshine petroleum diesel, boasting cetane rating of 88, more than twice that of regular diesel.

Read more from Syntroleum.

Propel tours San Diego’s New Leaf biodiesel production facility

New Leaf Biofuel is a waste-source biodiesel production company located in San Diego, CA. Propel had the opportunity to tour the New Leaf facility earlier this week.

Jennifer Case, CEO of New Leaf, hosted the facility tour, walking through the production process of using waste-oil and waste-grease refined into quality biodiesel fuel ready to put straight into tanks. New Leaf collects waste oil and grease from local San Diego restaurants to use as the feedstock for their biodiesel production.

New Leaf is a great example of a local producer working within a community to process waste products into quality renewable fuel.

Learn more about New Leaf Biofuels.

Study shows biodiesel improves workplace health

A recent pilot study from the Air & Wast Management Association compared diesel and biodiesel B20 exhaust, measuring the the occupational exposure to particulate matter (PM) and other air toxins. Biodiesel B20 was found to reduce harmful pollutes in the work environment.

The study was conducted at  a New Hampshire recycling facility, heavy equipment exhaust was measured while running petroleum diesel and then on B20 biodiesel.

The technical paper describe, the study “used a combination of established industrial hygiene and environmental air monitoring methods to estimate occupational exposure profiles to PM and air toxics from combustion of petroleum diesel and biodiesel. Results indicate that B20 use dramatically reduces work area respirable particle and formaldehyde levels compared with petroleum diesel.”

Read full Air & Waste Management Association study–Biodiesel versus Diesel: A Pilot Study Comparing Exhaust Exposures for Employees at a Rural Municipal Facility.

Propel announces Bay Area Network launch, 75 stations to come

During a grand opening event at the Bay Area’s newest renewable fuel station in Oakland, CA, Propel Fuels along with partners from the California Department of General Services, California Energy Commission, CALSTART & East Bay Clean Cities, formally launched Propel’s Bay Area operations, which will include more than 20 stations across the Bay, with up to 10 open by the year’s end.
The event also announced a $10.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and California Energy Commission (CEC) to build and operate 75 retail renewable fuel stations throughout California over the next two years.

From Left: Director Joel A. Ayala Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Matt Horton, CEO, Propel Fuels. Steve Sokolsky, represents both East Bay Clean Cities and CALSTART. Commissioner Anthony Eggert, California Energy Commission

The station development project, know as the Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure Investment Initiative (LCFI3), has the potential to create more than 450 green jobs in California, while displacing 39 million gallons of petroleum and 187,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Propel’s Oakland Clean Fuel Point is one of four new stations already pumping fuel in the Bay. Propel also has six locations open in Sacramento, CA–with more on the way!
For a list of locations and stations coming soon, visit Propel’s Station Locator.

Heavy-duty Ford trucks gain efficiency

With a free computer upgrade, Ford gives its 6.7-L PowerStroke V8 turbocharged diesel engines an added boost of fuel efficiency. This translates to a 20% increase in efficiency for the 2011 Super Duty diesel pickups over last year’s models.

Ford is providing upgrades free for all current owners of a 2011 Super Duty diesel pickup. The upgrade will entail a 30 minute software adjustment by a dealership service department–customers will receive information in the mail regarding the upgrade beginning August 31st.

Want another added bonus? Ford supports the use of Biodiesel B20 blend in all new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel engines.

Read more from Green Car Congress.

Volkswagen BlueMotion vehicles named 2010 World Green Car brand

“The definition of the World Green Car of the Year was expanded a bit today when the World Car of The Year organization named Volkswagen‘s BlueMotion product brand – including the PoloPassat, and Golf models – as the 2010 World Green Car during the 2010 New York Auto Show. The 59-member jury’s statement declaring BlueMotion the winner took a swipe at hybrid technology when is said:

It is not necessary to add an electric motor and a heavy battery pack to achieve class-leading efficiency. Based on Volkswagen’s common-rail diesel engines, the BlueMotion models are among the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. In fact, the Passat BlueMotion can travel just about 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel in the European cycle. As far as internal combustion engines go today, these models are the ultimate you can get.

Even with these critical words, the organization did pick the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight as the Green Car of the Year runners-up. In other World COTY news, the VW Polo won the overall World Car of the Year title.”

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Find out where to fill up your diesel with cleaner burning biodiesel in California and Washington.

Advanced fuel test crops flourish in California

UC Davis test plot yields for advanced biofuel crops prove fruitful.

Findings from a three year switchgrass trial have shown increasing yields, from twelve to eighteen tons per acre depending on the site. Several switchgrass varieties were tested at facilities in El Centro & at UC Davis. Switchgrass has the potential to be a whole-plant cellulosic ethanol feedstock and is considered an important crop for the future of renewable fuels. The hardy grass begins its annual growth in the spring and can grow 4-7 feet tall. Leaves measure 30-90 centimeters in length.

Switchgrass uses C4 carbon fixation which means it is fairly efficient in the photosynthesis process and tolerates drought and high temperatures. The grass has low fertilizer requirements and grows well on marginal land.

Many of these hearty crops can grow on marginal lands and have the potential to produce biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol, and provide a new revenue source for American framers.

Read more about advanced feedstock research from Western Farm Press.

Biodiesel Bulletin: Biodiesel delivers sweet treats

Propel customer, Essential Baking Company, is highlighted in the latest edition of the National Biodiesel Board’s monthly bulletin.

“The Web site for The Essential Baking Company in Seattle says it all: “We’re fussy. Fussy about taste, the texture of our bread, the flakiness of our pastry, the richness of our desserts, and preserving the time-honored techniques of baking. And don’t even get us started about the importance of the pureness of what we put into our bodies or our impact on the environment.”

That commitment to the environment is fulfilled in part by using 99 percent biodiesel . . .” Read more from the National Biodiesel board.

Mazda unveils 43 mpg SKY-D diesel

Mazda recently announced that it plans to bring a mid-sized diesel vehicle to the United States by 2012. This will be Mazda’s first diesel sold in the U.S.–the vehicle will use the new SKY-D engine and have a 43 mpg highway rating.

Compared to the current diesel engine design, the diesel SKY-D will be 20 percent more fuel-efficient, have more torque, and have a ceramic diesel particulate filter which will meet American emission regulations.

More about Mazda’s upcoming diesel.

Enterprise’s shuttle fleet to run biodiesel

Enterprise, the largest vehicle rental company in North America, announced plans to fuel their entire airport shuttle fleet of more than 600 buses on biodiesel. Most shuttle buses will begin by using a B5 biodiesel blend, while in nine regions, buses will use a B20 blend with the intention of converting the entire bus fleet to B20 in the next five years.

By switching to biodiesel, the Enterprise fleet will reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of retiring 40 shuttle buses and will reduce petroleum use by 420,000 gallons–in the first year alone.

In California, Propel Fuels and Enterprise have formed a partnership aimed to educate Enterprise customers on the availability and benefits of alternative fuels, and to fuel Enterprise’s rental cars with renewable E85.

Read more from Enterprise.

GM & Ford announce B20 biodiesel compatibility for 2011 models

General Motors and Ford both recently announced support for use of B20 biodiesel in their 2011 diesel models. The 2011 GM line-up of heavy duty diesel pickups equipped with the Duramax 6.6L engine and Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine will both be B20 biodiesel compatible.

The new Duramax 6.6L turbo diesel engine will power the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups, as well as the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans. Chevrolet will display the 2011 Silverado heavy-duty trucks at the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 10.

Ford plans to identify B20 compatible vehicles with a B20 road & leaf badge–similar to the badge used to identify Ford E85 Flex Fuel compatible vehicles.

VW Diesels take 1-2-3 spots at 2010 Dakar Rally

Volkswagen TDIs, including the Race Touareg prototype, celebrated a one-two-three podium lockout at the finish of the toughest challenge worldwide in motorsport.

Read full article from AutoBlog.com.

Clean Diesel Wins Again for Green Car of the Year

For the second year in a row, clean diesel technology earns the top award from Green Car Journal. The Audi A3 TDI was announced as the 2010 Green Car of the Year at the Los Angeles Car Show earlier this month.

The diesel hatchback station wagon was select from among an impressive group of fuel-efficient vehicles, including the Honda Insight hybrid, Mercury Milan hybrid, Toyota Prius, and the Volkswagen Golf TDI.

The Audi A3 TDI touts a 42 miles per gallon highway fuel economy, “a 50 percent improvement over the gasoline A3 variant that makes the car very economical to operate with low relative CO2 emissions.” And, to top off the improved efficiency, Audi has approved the use of B5 Biodiesel in the A3 TDI.

Read more about the Audi A3 from Green Car Journal.

VW Stays Focused on Clean Diesel

VW_SportWagen_TDIWhile many auto manufacturers are looking to hybrids and electrics, Volkswagen stays focused on fuel efficient clean diesel passenger vehicles. Currently making up less than 3% market share in the US, J.D. Power forecasts the diesel passenger segment to grow to 8% by 2015. Not even close to the 50% market share seen in Europe, but Volkswagen hopes to own that 8%. Why Diesel? The Volkswagen TDI format improves fuel economy by 30% and puts out 25% less greenhouse gas emissions than what a gasoline engine would.
Read interview Mark Barnes, COO of Volkswagen America.

US Postal Service Earns Top Environmental Award

USPS Fills at Propel's Citrus Heights, CA location

USPS Fills at Propel's Citrus Heights, CA location

The U.S. Postal Services was awarded the Environmental Achievement of the Year by Postal Technology International magazine. In addition to recycling and energy-efficiency efforts, the Postal Service recently announced plans to replace 6,500 vehicles with 1,000 E85 ethanol-capable and 900 gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles.

In the Sacramento region, the USPS is a loyal customer of Propel clean, American Flex Fuel and biodiesel.

Building Seattle’s Greenest Neighborhood

Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood touts the title of the greenest in the city with the most LEED buildings and is currently under evaluation for the LEED Neighborhood Development certification.

In the midst of this growth and construction, Propel’s flagship biodiesel station remains open at the busy intersection of Westlake Ave and Broad St.SLUSign



Ford adds Flex Fuel and B20 Biodiesel trucks to the 2011 lineup

In a recent press release, Ford calls attention to the alternative fuel capability of vehicles in their 2011 F-series lineup. Not only is Ford adding a new E85 capable engine, but also will offer a diesel engine compatible with a B20 biodiesel blend.

2011 Ford Super Duty Reveal

Ford announces, “the 2011 F-Series Super Duty boasts all-new powertrains, led by the Ford-designed, Ford-engineered and Ford-built 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V-8 turbocharged diesel engine, which delivers significantly improved torque and horsepower as well as class-leading fuel economy while maintaining best-in-class towing and payload capability; new engine also has biodiesel compatibility up to B20.”

“A new 6.2-liter V-8 gasoline engine also is added to the lineup; it also delivers significantly improved torque and horsepower as well as class-leading fuel economy; new gas engine can run on regular-grade gasoline, E85 or any blend in between.”

Find out if your current Ford vehicle can use Flex Fuel E85.

Full Ford press release.

Read article from DomesticFuels.com.

Ford backs B20 biodiesel

Ford announces support for B20 biodiesel with it’s new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel engine. With this step, Ford joins the ranks of other auto manufacturers such as Chrysler and GM, giving the green light for B20 biodiesel use in vehicle models.

ford_diesel_b20 Read more on the new Ford engine and B20 compatibility from autoblog.com.

Can your current vehicle use alternative fuel: Biodiesel or Flex Fuel
Find out.

Take our survey, enter to win $300 of FREE FUEL

Propel has teamed up with students from Sacramento State for a summer internship program. Students are conducting short customer surveys at all Propel Sacramento locations– Monday, August 17th through Sunday, August 23rd.


Stop by any Propel Sacramento location, take our survey and register to win $300 of FREE fuel. And chat with our friendly interns, they’re doing a great job!

For a map of Propel California locations, visit our station locator.

Eco-conscious car showdown, VW Jetta TDI up against Toyota Prius

Video from Volkswagen’s TDI Blog.

King 5 News fleet fills up in Downtown Seattle

King5_fill_slu King 5 regularly fills up their fleet vehicles at Propel’s Downtown Seattle biodiesel station. The satellite truck fills at the high flow dispenser–it pumps 30 gallons per minute!

Propel Customers in the National Spotlight – CNBC Story

CNBC’s The Tech Effect features Propel and reports on the growing access to clean fuels in the Sacramento, California region.

Propel sign_CNBC

Propel Fuels offers customers choice at the pump beyond traditional petroleum options. Matt Horton, Propel CEO says, “today we’re selling E85 ethanol and biodiesel, tomorrow we’ll be selling hydrogen and electric vehicle charging–whatever makes sense at the time.”
Propel customers like Paul Wikoff, choose to use Flex Fuel E85 not only because it is less expensive than regular gasoline, but also for the environmental and health benefits.


Watch the CNBC clip.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance Drive Diesel Comeback

With revived concern over the cost of gasoline and the desire for increased fuel economy, clean diesels are proving to be a tempting choice for the American consumer.

2010GolfTDIVolkswagen can testify to the selling power of clean diesel vehicles–June brought in the highest sales of TDIs since the release of the current lineup. According to a recent press release, “the Jetta SportWagen once again posted its best sales month ever with sales of 1,982 units. Clean diesel TDI’s accounted for 81 percent of SportWagen sales, 40 percent of Jetta sedan sales, and 29 percent of Touareg sales.” Adding to their fleet of available clean diesels, Volkswagen plans the release of the 2010 Golf TDI this fall.

ThreeJettaFill_SLUPositive sales from Volkswagen may lure more manufacturers to bring diesel technology to the American market. In fact, manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes already offer diesel models.

Volkwagen TDI drivers are often strong supporters of alternatitive fuels. Seen here at the Propel SLU Station is the 2007 and 2004 Jetta TDI, and 2005 Jetta TDI Wagon.

NPR Home PageToday’s clean diesel vehicles are not the smog-belching, clickity-clacking diesel vehicles you may be picturing. New diesels have quieter engines, enhanced performance and reduced emissions. A recent segment on National Public Radio, Diesel Cars Attempt a Comeback with Clean Diesels, reports on the reemergence of diesel vehicles into the American market as a quieter, cleaner next generation.

Virtual tour of downtown Seattle’s biodiesel station

Check out VR Seattle’s 360-degree virtual tour of Propel’s downtown Seattle biodiesel station. Click image below.

Click to View Interactive Panorama

More interactive panorama’s from VR Seattle blog.

VW Jetta TDI meets Toyota Prius

Recent commercial from VW featuring the new Jetta TDI and the Toyota Prius. 

At the Pump . . .

Propel community members share their stories.

Rocklin, CA – Rocklin Clean Fuel Point – Friday, May 22nd

Mike_NorCalPool_biodieselRan into Mike Bradley, owner of Nor Cal Pool Productions, filling his rig with biodiesel at Propel’s Rocklin, California location. 

This was Mike’s first biodiesel fill up — low on fuel and thought he’d give it a try. 

“It’s better for the Earth and it’s about the same price as regular diesel–why not?” 

Located in Lincoln, California, Nor Cal Pool Productions specializes in the design and construction of custom pool and patio installations.

Find more businesses dedicated to fueling their fleet vehicles with low-carbon, domestically-produced fuel, see a list of Propel Clean Fleet Partners in California and Washington State.

At the Pump . . .

Propel community members share their stories.

Kenmore, WA – Bothell Way Clean Fuel Point – Tuesday, May 5th


We ran into Brick today at our Kenmore, Washington pump on  Bothell Way located at the very north end of Lake Washington. Brick has been fueling his Jeep Liberty CRD with Propel for 2 years.

The limited release Liberty “CRD” (2005 – 2006) stands for “Common Rail Diesel,” describing the 4-cylinder 2.8 liter turbo-diesel engine. CRD systems use high injection pressure to move fuel into the combustion chamber, resulting in higher fuel economy and cleaner burning diesel.

Brick also fuels his Chevy Duramax Diesel pickup with Propel, in both downtown Seattle and here in Kenmore.