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Michigan Sheriff’s Fleet Saves with E85

Low price at the pump combined with limited MPG-loss combine for significant savings.

Huron County Sheriff’s Office began an experiment last March that had the department testing blends of Ethanol from E50 to E85. The goal: saving the county money through its fleet of 12 flex-fuel vehicles.

Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson found that as long as ethanol prices are less per gallon than the price at the pump for unleaded fuel, it would result in a significant cost savings. “As it turns out, our patrol fleet, which is mainly Chevrolet Impala cars, averaged between 1.5 miles to 2 miles less per gallon on E85 as opposed to unleaded,” said Hanson.

The Department also experimented with E50 and found that there was just about a one mile per gallon difference.

“When we basically went and took a pencil to it, it was determined that as long as pricing patterns remained the same, E85 would be the better choice,” he said. “Obviously, we are going to have to continuously monitor price differences in order for the county to benefit.”

If the price difference (with unleaded fuel costing significantly more) remains the same between E85 and unleaded, Hanson said the department stands to save nearly $1,000 per 25,000 miles.

“When you take into consideration our office puts on more than 400,000 patrol miles in a year, our county could benefit from the use of ethanol,” he said.

But access to the fuel can be an issue. Because Bad Axe and Harbor Beach do not have ethanol stations, Hanson said those patrols vehicles that start out of Bad Axe and Harbor Beach will frequently be forced to use unleaded fuel.

“Our deputies are being encouraged to purchase ethanol if they are in the vicinity of an ethanol station and their vehicle could use fuel,” said Hanson. “It would be pointless to specifically drive several miles in order to just buy ethanol.”

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Delivery giant moves to biodiesel

UPS is delivering a change for the better with the recent installation of a biodiesel fuel tank and fueling station at its most prominent hub: the Worldport facility in Louisville, KY.

The 30,000 gallon biodiesel tank and accompanying fuel dispenser will allow operators to fill the facility’s 200 vehicles and diesel-fueled equipment with varying blends of biodiesel from B5 to B20,which are compatible with any existing diesel engine.

Said Scott Wicker, UPS Chief Sustainability Officer, in an article on DomesticFuel.com:

“There is a finite amount of petroleum-based fuel available from our planet so it is important that UPS and other companies invest in ways to use alternative fuels and technologies, including biodiesel. This project helps us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels with the added benefit that it will also reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.”

UPS’s swap to biodiesel at Worldport was described as “monumental” by Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. The massive facility, which is equivalent to 80 football fields in size, loads 100 planes per day and processes 416,000 packages per hour.

Learn more about the delivery giant’s switch to biodiesel at Domestic Fuel.

Propel announces Bay Area Network launch, 75 stations to come

During a grand opening event at the Bay Area’s newest renewable fuel station in Oakland, CA, Propel Fuels along with partners from the California Department of General Services, California Energy Commission, CALSTART & East Bay Clean Cities, formally launched Propel’s Bay Area operations, which will include more than 20 stations across the Bay, with up to 10 open by the year’s end.
The event also announced a $10.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and California Energy Commission (CEC) to build and operate 75 retail renewable fuel stations throughout California over the next two years.

From Left: Director Joel A. Ayala Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Matt Horton, CEO, Propel Fuels. Steve Sokolsky, represents both East Bay Clean Cities and CALSTART. Commissioner Anthony Eggert, California Energy Commission

The station development project, know as the Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure Investment Initiative (LCFI3), has the potential to create more than 450 green jobs in California, while displacing 39 million gallons of petroleum and 187,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Propel’s Oakland Clean Fuel Point is one of four new stations already pumping fuel in the Bay. Propel also has six locations open in Sacramento, CA–with more on the way!
For a list of locations and stations coming soon, visit Propel’s Station Locator.

UC Davis research shows sustainable biomass energy potential for California

A recent article published in California Agriculture illustrates the potential for sustainable biomass energy crops in California.  California Agriculture is a peer-reviewed journal reporting research, reviews and news from the University of California and its Agriculture and Natural Resources division.

Article Abstract
Biomass constitutes a major renewable energy resource for California, with more than 30 million tons per year of in-state production estimated to be available on a sustainable basis for electricity generation, biofuels production and other industrial processing. Annually, biofuel production from these resources could exceed 2 billion gallons of gasoline equivalent, while providing opportunities for agricultural and rural economic development. Continuing research and large-scale demonstrations now under way will test alternative technologies and provide much-needed information regarding costs and environmental performance. Biomass can help meet state goals for increasing the amounts of electricity and fuels from renewable resources under the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), and can similarly help meet national biofuel targets under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Internationally consistent sustainability standards and practices are needed to inform policy and provide direction and guidance to industry.

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Article Authors
Bryan M. Jenkins, UC Davis
Robert B. Williams, UC Davis
Nathan Parker, UC Davis
Peter Tittmann, UC Davis
Quinn Hart, UC Davis
Martha C. Gildart, UC Davis
Steve Kaffka, UC Davis
Bruce R. Hartsough, UC Davis
Peter Dempster, UC Davis

US Postal Service Earns Top Environmental Award

USPS Fills at Propel's Citrus Heights, CA location

USPS Fills at Propel's Citrus Heights, CA location

The U.S. Postal Services was awarded the Environmental Achievement of the Year by Postal Technology International magazine. In addition to recycling and energy-efficiency efforts, the Postal Service recently announced plans to replace 6,500 vehicles with 1,000 E85 ethanol-capable and 900 gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles.

In the Sacramento region, the USPS is a loyal customer of Propel clean, American Flex Fuel and biodiesel.

King 5 News fleet fills up in Downtown Seattle

King5_fill_slu King 5 regularly fills up their fleet vehicles at Propel’s Downtown Seattle biodiesel station. The satellite truck fills at the high flow dispenser–it pumps 30 gallons per minute!

US Postal Service adds numbers to alternative fuel fleet

usps_elkgrove3The United States Postal Service is a regular customer at Propel’s California locations, filling their service vehicles with Flex Fuel E85. Nearly twenty percent of the Postal Service fleet is alternative fuel-capable, the majority of which are Flex Fuel Vehicles.

The USPS recently announced that it will be swapping 1,000 older vehicles for Flex Fuel-capable models as part of a larger replacement program. According to Ethanol Producer Magazine, the purchase of these vehicles “will bring the total number of alternative fuel-capable vehicles in the Postal Service fleet to more than 43,000.”


Lara, a mail carrier for the USPS, fills her service vehicle with Flex Fuel at Propel’s Elk Grove, CA location.

She likes the lower price of E85 and that it burns cleaner than regular gasoline.

For a list of all Flex Fuel-capable vehicles, visit Propel’s website.

At the Pump . . . Sacramento State

Propel community members share their stories.

Sacramento, CA – Folsom Blvd Clean Fuel Point – June 2009

cacee_ffv_silverado2We met Cacee filling up his rig at Propel’s Folsom Blvd location. The Flex Fuel Chevy Silverado is part of Sacramento State‘s Parking Enforcement fleet.

Cacee has fueled the Sac State vehicle with Flex Fuel E85 since Propel started pumping in the Sacramento region at the beginning of this year.

Sac Sate has a number of Flex Fuel Vehicles and whenever possible they use Propel’s Folsom Blvd pump as it is conveniently close to campus.

Can your vehicle use clean, American-made fuel that is easier on your wallet?

Find out if your vehicle can use Flex Fuel E85.

United States Postal Service runs alternative fuel

USPS fills up with Flex Fuel E85 at Propel’s Rocklin, CA location.



Comcast…at the Pump

Propel community members share their stories.

Elk Grove, CA – Elk Grove Clean Fuel Point – June 2009

We were excited to meet Comcast technician, Koso, filling his Flex Fuel service van at Propel’s Elk Grove location. Many of the 2009 Ford E-Series commerical vans are flex fuel capable.


Comcast makes a concerted effort to deploy alternative fuel vehicles as part of their fleet. Currently, Comcast has over 1,200 flex fuel vehicles.

According to Comcast’s 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report, it has the 2nd largest number of hybrid and alternative fuel capable vehicles in the communications industry.

Comcast pledges to “continue to purchase alternative fuel capable vehicles and use alternative fuels where it proves environmentally beneficial and operationally responsible”.

With the increased access to alternative fuels in the Sacramento area, we hope to see more of Comcast at Propel’s pumps!

At the Pump . . .

Propel community members share their stories.

Rocklin, CA – Rocklin Clean Fuel Point – Friday, May 22nd

Mike_NorCalPool_biodieselRan into Mike Bradley, owner of Nor Cal Pool Productions, filling his rig with biodiesel at Propel’s Rocklin, California location. 

This was Mike’s first biodiesel fill up — low on fuel and thought he’d give it a try. 

“It’s better for the Earth and it’s about the same price as regular diesel–why not?” 

Located in Lincoln, California, Nor Cal Pool Productions specializes in the design and construction of custom pool and patio installations.

Find more businesses dedicated to fueling their fleet vehicles with low-carbon, domestically-produced fuel, see a list of Propel Clean Fleet Partners in California and Washington State.

Propel partners with Enterprise Rent-a-Car on E85 program


Propel and Enterprise Rent-A-Car have partnered to increase use of alternative fuels across Sacramento.  This first-of-its-kind program aims to educate Enterprise customers on availability and benefits of alternative fuels, and fuel Enterprise’s rental cars with renewable E85.


Enterprise has the largest “Flex Fuel” rental fleet in the nation with over 73,000 vehicles able to run on standard gasoline or E85. Twelve Enterprise locations in the Sacramento region will participate in the pilot program, giving customers an opportunity to try alternative fuels when they rent a Flex Fuel vehicle. Customers will have access to Propel Flex Fuel at five locations across the Sacramento region. 

“We’ve seen an increase in customers looking for more environmentally friendly options from us,” said Chris Littlejohn, Sacramento Area Manager of Enterprise. “We continue to increase our offerings of alternative technologies and environmentally friendly vehicles, and this includes Flex Fuel vehicles, but up until now there were few places for our customers to purchase E85 fuel. With Propel’s launch, and their plans to expand, we can now offer our customers more options and with better access to low-carbon fuels.”


“All it takes is a few leading companies to put a stake in the ground and say they’re going to be part of the solution,” said Rob Elam, President and Co-Founder of Propel Fuels. “Enterprise is making it easy for consumers to drive Flex Fuel vehicles while they are on business or vacation. It’s a great way for people to experience the satisfaction of purchasing clean, domestically produced fuels. Our hope is that this translates into greater consumer demand for environmentally friendly fuels and vehicles.”

Read more about the Propel partnership and Enterprise’s green program.

At the Pump . . .

Propel community members share their stories.

Citrus Heights, CA — Citrus Heights Clean Fuel Point — Tuesday, April 14th

 Yes! Solar Solutions, a Propel Clean Fleet partner, regularly fills up their rigs with biodiesel. This Tuesday, we met Robert filling the Ford F350 in Citrus Heights. The truck sported a super-sized fleet biodiesel bumper sticker. 


As a renewable energy company, Yes! Solar Solutions is glad to have access to an alternative fuel product for their current fleet of vehicles. As Robert put it, “anything to help the environment, right?”

Busy day at South Lake Union

Downtown Seattle, WA – South Lake Union Station — Wednesday, April 8th


At the Pump . . .

Propel community members share their stories.

Seattle, WA – South Lake Union Station – Wednesday, April 8th

Propel Clean Fleet partners Port Supply and Tree Cycle were filling up with biodiesel at Propel’s South Lake Union location in Downtown Seattle.


Port Supply Seattle is a local wholesale marine products supplier that’s been doing business on Lake Union for years. They are seeing more interest in marine applications for alternative fuels, and are currently fueling their land-based Sprinter fleet with biodiesel.

Also met up with Tree Cycle, an innovative Seattle company committed to safety, high quality tree care and environmental stewardship. Their owner Peter Gruenwoldt is deeply committed to preserving the health of our urban forest. More information about arborist services is available at www.treecycleseattle.com.

Factoria Biodiesel Clean Fuel Point Now Open


In their continuing mission to expand the distribution of biodiesel, Propel Biofuels recently flipped the switch on their Factoria Clean Fuel Point. Propel Clean Fuel Points are a unique tank/dispenser kiosk that can easily be added to the footprint of existing gas stations. Like every Clean Fuel Point, the Factoria station is integrated with CleanDrive emissions reporting. With each fill customers have the ability to see how much they’re reducing their carbon footprint. CleanDrive is available FREE to Propel customers.
CleanDrive reports show criteria like:
- Reductions in CO2 by using biodiesel
- Barrels of oil displaced
- Equivalent annual impact of mature trees

This new Clean Fuel Point, like all Propel locations is open 24/7, takes all major credit cards and serves only the highest quality biodiesel.


Large Fleets Continue To Flock To Biodiesel


Just last week news broke that Safeway is switching its trucking fleet to biodiesel. This week Broomfield, Colorado’s Corporate Express has announced a similar move. To help curb harmful greenhouse emissions and enhance the performance of their fleet’s diesel engines, the company is now fueling their 45 trucks with B20.

“Using biodiesel in our trucks will advance our distribution while decreasing emissions and further reducing our Company’s carbon footprint,” said Jay Mutschler, President of Corporate Express US.

This is great news for biodiesel advocates as the use of the clean-burning, renewable fuel by companies dependent on diesel vehicles greatly enhances the fuel’s legitimacy as a mainstream fuel source.